A live song from Dusting For Prints album launch Nov 2013, where Hazel is so busy moaning about Men Being Really Nasty To Her, that she manage to forget how to play her own song. Fortunately John and Doug had enough foresight to position themselves onstage so they can see what she plays on the spur of the moment, as opposed to what they’d rehearsed, and cope without anyone noticing that she’s essentially making the song arrangement up as she goes along. In her defense, she was thrown by being annoyingly upstaged by the roadie earlier on

Y.D.F.L.M from Dusting For Prints; “…the sign says ‘ if you abuse the man in the box , we won’t let you go to Wales’ …”

Kraken from Dusting For Prints. If you invite a teenager to contribute visuals to your video you have to expect Hamster porn

Title track from 4th album Dusting For Prints . Hazel negotiates with the Big Boys From Enforcement

Dreamtime from first album Put Away The Sharp Knives ;”dialling 999 I feel my face drain, the operator knows me by my first name”…

Dr. Love from Put Away The Sharp Knives; “follow your face about , watching the sound fall out….”


Dr. Love Video

Skin from Put Away The Sharp Knives; “…it’s hot as Hell in here, you’ll burn up on entry , you’ll burn up if you come near…”

Title track from album 2, Death Row Bride; “…I’ll see you loved up, strapped down, tranquillised…”. Featured sterling cameo from The Builder who had come to fit Hazel’s new kitchen who agreed to step up to the mark with a triumphal debut role as bored psychopath.

Surgery was originally recorded for Put Away The Sharp Knives but ended up on second album Death Row Bride; “…you’ve feasted on me, giving it Open Smile Surgery…”

From third album Situation Normal Then, the tale of North Berwick witch Geilie Duncan

Hazel and Andy scaled North Berwick cliffs in the middle of the night with rucksacks of gear and re created witches coven. There was a brief hissy fit over who got to light the flaming torches.

Found Cine 8 footage Hazel’s Dad shot of the Gala in the 60’s and had a go at filming from same places on the street.

Andy and Hazel met accidentally in the street, Turned out he had turned into a camera man. and said he’d pop over with a camera and help her shoot a video in her spare bedroom. He turned up with a camera. And a crane. And a dolly. At some point they realised they needed a magpie. They rang round Taxidermists from Yellow Pages until they found one. When he named the price Hazel must have blanched as there was a pause then he said injuredly, “…mind you that includes the branch”